El Rincon Del Polo Around the World

El Rincon del polo club & school instructors Estani Puch & Alico Gancedo run their program in different locations depending of the time of the year to maximize the polo experience of their visitors. The locations change depending on the season:

Spring (February-April: Argentina and Spain), Summer (May-October: USA), Fall and Winter (November-December: Argentina).

A Day of Polo with Us:

Stick and Ball




Polo Coaching




Spanish and English


"Having never even held a mallet before, I was not sure how I would 'fit in' at a polo estancia. I can honestly say that after 3 days I was feeling addicted. The horses were a pleasure ride and your relaxed approach to learning made it all that much easier. The food was great, and fellow guests were a lot of fun. It was really hard to say goodbye!!"

− Annie Muscat -- Sydney, Australia.

"Thanks for a fantastic day at your ranch; I absolutely loved the place! Most importantly though, you've infected me with your passion for polo; the horses were great and the speed of the game is addictive!"

− Jelma de Groot -- Chiswick, London

"Another thing to point out is your perfect location right in the Mekka of Polo, close enough to Buenos Aires to go there for shopping or nightlife."

− Rolf Ostmann -- Berlin, Germany

"...missing Argentina and everything Argentinian, had a great time on the Ranch and my polo definitely
improved. Thanks for everything Estani! "

− Clare Toothill -- UK