El Rincon Del Polo Around the World

El Rincon del polo club & school instructor Estani Puch run the polo programs in different locations depending of the time of the year to maximize the polo experience of their visitors. The locations change depending on the season:

Spring & Summer  (October-April,  Argentina), Summer (May-October: USA), All year round (Sotogrande, Spain).

A Day of Polo with Us:

Stick and Ball




Polo Coaching




Spanish and English


"Having never even held a mallet before, I was not sure how I would 'fit in' at a polo estancia. I can honestly say that after 3 days I was feeling addicted. The horses were a pleasure ride and your relaxed approach to learning made it all that much easier. The food was great, and fellow guests were a lot of fun. It was really hard to say goodbye!!"

− Annie Muscat -- Sydney, Australia.

"Thanks for a fantastic day at your ranch; I absolutely loved the place! Most importantly though, you've infected me with your passion for polo; the horses were great and the speed of the game is addictive!"

− Jelma de Groot -- Chiswick, London

"Another thing to point out is your perfect location right in the Mekka of Polo, close enough to Buenos Aires to go there for shopping or nightlife."

− Rolf Ostmann -- Berlin, Germany

"...missing Argentina and everything Argentinian, had a great time on the Ranch and my polo definitely
improved. Thanks for everything Estani! "

− Clare Toothill -- UK